Writers Block Ink Igniting Social Change On The Page & Stage

Intro to the Art and Science of Improv

After more than 15 years of armiong young voices with the power of pen and prose to ignite social change on the page and the stage, New London’s non-profit Writer’s Block Ink is opening “The Block”to adults with an introductory improv theater class! 
Anna Maria Trusky, founding member of the Connecticut-based improv comedy troupe Comedy on Demand, will introduce participants to the fundamentals of live improvisational theater, in which actors make up plots, characters, stories, scenes, and dialog in the moment. Participants will learn through games, exercises, and scene work in a fun, safe, supportive environment and ultimately showcase scenes before an invited audience.  
Location: Writer's Block Ink, 12 Masonic Street, New London
Program Dates: Wednesdays February 13th-March 20th 2018
Hours: Wednesdays from 7:00pm -8:30 pm
Open to Ages: 18+
Cost: $85  
For more information contact:
writersblock2@gmail.com or 860-442-5625


The LAB is a creative collective assembled to inspire thought, challenge norms and synthesize ideas. We are seeking talented young creatives aged 16-24 to RE-IMAGINE, PRODUCE, & PROMOTE an original Writer's Block Ink production examining the effects of mass incarceration on family and community.  This group will focus on: scriptwriting; costume design; set design; songwriting; poetry; and more.

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12 Masonic Street
 New London, CT 06320

Our Mission

To arm young voices with the power of pen and prose, reinforcing teamwork, accountability, and responsibility; igniting social change on the page and stage.

About The Block

The Writers Block InK was started in 2003 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to encourage youth to use writing and performance as tools to address personal and social challenges on the community stage. Students create original productions which explore critical themes and issues.

You Are Now A Butterfly with By Faith

Saturday July 29th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Writers Block Ink, 12 Masonic Street, New London

Join us as we conclude our Raising Voices Against Domestic Violence sessions with an artistic filled evening of painting with "By Faith".  Free to attend.

Writer’s Block Ink and Safe Futures partnered to raise voices against domestic violence. Domestic violence affects people in our communities both locally and globally, regardless of race, gender, class, age, sexuality, ethnicity, or ability. We invite women and men from every corner of our community to join us in Raising Voices Against Domestic Violence!


If you are in a Domestic Violence crisis situation call 888-774-2900.  

For information about Safe Futures visit http://www.safefuturesct.org/

This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Beyond Bars: The Ripple Effect 

(a Writer's Block Ink production)

A community caught in the web of incarceration.  A group of teens with hopes, ideas, and aspirations of escaping the cycle.  The Writer's Block Cast tackles the penetrating topic of mass incarceration through an original script, new musical composition, and imaginative dance.  Please join us for this special opportunity to witness the ripple effect... beyond bars.